​1 CLIP  (Up to 1 Minute)                         $ 50               
Each add'l 15 seconds of running time   $   5

This widescreen version (16:9) is perfect for posting on Actors Access, IMDb, Casting Networks, Casting Frontier, websites, Vimeo/YouTube and to give to your agent as a link for email pitches. 

​​​THEATRICAL/COMMERCIAL REEL             $110            
(Unlimited pulled footage up to 2 Minutes)      
Each add'l 15 seconds of running time   $  10  

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I strive to be fair, reasonable and to always give your work 100% of my attention. I want to make this accessible to everyone by offering reasonable rates. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss how I can be of service.



If you need help in tracking down footage, please reach out to me. I will get it for you for a much more reasonable price than what you may be used to paying!