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"I can’t thank you enough for the magnificent editing job you did on my 3 clips. I don’t know how you were able to pull the best of my work out of all of that craziness and edit in a way that is seamless and captures the essence I want to project – but you did. You are truly a magician. I love them!." Jacqueline Sydney, Actress

"Mitch Poulos has provided me excellent coaching for my live auditions as well as beautiful clips for both my reel and taped auditions for casting and producers. His work ethic is superb and the quality of his services are top notch!" Valerie Perri, Actress | Singer 

"I could not possibly be more emphatic in my recommendation of Mitch for any and all reel and editing work.  I had the pleasure of working with Mitch as an actor many moons ago and was delighted that the talent, kindness and professionalism of Actor Mitch carried over beautifully to his editing work.  In addition to his skill and attention to detail, he was extremely patient and open to changes along the way.  He worked collaboratively with me, tweaking moments, until we were satisfied with the finished product.  And he did all this in record turnaround time.  Truly a wizard and a gentleman."  Ivan Quintanilla, Actor

I needed to rebuild my reel from scratch.  I was concerned because I had varying degrees of size, quality and formats of my work.  Mitch assured me he would make it work and boy did he!  He was able to gather all of my bits and pieces and put together a reel that was fresh and vibrant.  He edited the reel in such a way that showcased me even more than my old reel did.  It felt very personal, he really captured my essence.  He created a mini story with my work and the turnaround was fast!  And this was with him working on my reel in NY, while I was in LA.  Mitch is professional, passionate and dedicates himself to bringing out his clients very best! Diana DeLaCruz, Actress

Primetime Reels Editing Services

"I love all the clips that you edited for me. They're awesome and I've already posted them on my Actors Access profile. I will also add them to my website and imdb. And of course, I'll be back for more coaching!"  Maitely Weismann, Actress | Producer | Production Manager

"I loved working with Mitch on my reel. He is fast, communicative, and incredibly skilled. It was important to me to have an outside objective eye in this process as we can get too close to our work! His insight was invaluable. He is able to cut a scene down to it’s best moments and instinctively knows how to showcase an actor’s best work. He went above and beyond my expectations and I have an incredible reel to show for it! He will be my go-to guy from now on!"  Amy Cale Peterson, Actress | Writer

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